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To lærlinge søges!

Lige nu leder vi efter to lærlinge til industritekniker uddannelsen.
Som industritekniker består arbejdet af programmering og betjening af computerstyrede maskiner som producerer emner til vores kunder indenfor marine og offshore industrien.  
Samtidig får du en uddannelse på et af landets bedste uddannelsessteder da vi løser mange alsidige opgaver og råder over noget af det bedste udstyr indenfor branchen. 


Vi modtager gerne din ansøgelse på Grumsen@grumsen.dk
Har du spørgsmål til stillingen, så tag kontakt til Christian Jørgensen - 2620 7666

industritekniker esbjerg, job som industritekniker

Vi har travlt, og derfor leder vi efter en ny kollega!

På grund af stigende antal opgaver, leder vi lige nu efter en ny kollega.

Har du den nødvendige erfaring for at kunne arbejde med programmering og
bearbejdning på CNC-fræsere og CNC-drejebænke?
Har du yderligere erfaring i Heidenhain, Fanuc, Siemens og lignende styringer er en stor fordel.

Så er vi interesseret i at høre fra dig!

Har du spørgsmål til stillingen, så kontakt gerne Christian Jørgensen - 7512 542 eller os gerne en ansøgning på Grumsen@grumsen.dk

Company News

Winch Renovation

Grumsen Equipment build these winches back in 1987, they have been in for the first renovation. Old parts that are worn out are replaced and the winches life will be extended by 25 years. The winches are specially built to pull high voltage cables.

Grumsen Equipment has restored winches in all sizes, from standard to special winches, since the foundation of the company. Our well trained service technicians are always at your disposal and have great experience in offering an extensive support, maintenance and service in case of break down. 
All spare parts for winches can be delivered from day to day, and our technicians are ready to assist around the world. 

Inspection of lifting appliances and cargo gear, Category A

Grumsen Equipment has updated it's authorization for inspection of lifting appliances and cargo gear to Catergory A.

Our professional technicians are ready to assisst you in all related issues onboard for inspection of lifting appliances, cargo gears, engine room cranes and winches as well as doing all necessary repair services and piping 24 hours of all 7 days a week.

For easy access please call or 24 hour phone number.


Chain Pincher

On the picture we see a Chain Pincher, it will be installed on a new built ship, which will sail in Norwegian waters. The products main function and purpose will be handling chains when collecting and releases of buoys.

The Chain Pincher is a product designed and constructed by Grumsen Equipment as a chain handling tool for ships, and will often act as a helping tool for winches when chains have to be pulled in. Grumsen Equipment has produced chain handling equipment for many years, and has a lot of experience in this field.

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